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Excellence in sound insulation –   PhoneStar Silence Panel                        

Are you having problems with soundproofing? The moisture-proof PhoneStar Silence Panel is an excellent post-solution for your problems. This soundproofing material originates from Germany and it has gained a lot of success in the market since 2005. Silence Panel has been so successful that it won the German Federal  Award in 2007 and in 2011. Since then, its success story has spread all over in Europe, and it is already known outside Europe too. In the USA, it is known as The Silence Panel. The following paragraphs will introduce this exceptional soundproofing material that can be widely used indoors as well as outdoors.    

10 Facts why to choose us                        

- improved sound proofing increases the real estate value
- quick, clean, simple installation
- new, patented product for the soundproofing industry
- exceptional airborne sound insulation in 0,59” (36 dB)
- exceptional impact sound insulation in 0,59” (33,8 dB)
- perfect solution for walls, floors, ceilings, attics and outside
- ideal dry concrete floor screed, 924.5 lb/in2 carrying capacity
- environment friendly (cellulose and sand)
- outstanding heat storage
- space saver compared to other options

Technical parameters of the PhoneStar Silence Panel

PhoneStar Silence Panel is a 0.59” or 0.39” thick, 47.24” long and 31.49” wide panel. PhoneStar is a cross fluted engineered card and hardboard carcass containing a finely mixed and compacted loose quartz sand mixture, which exhibits high mass and density with unique self-decoupling properties.

Thin and effective soundproofing material

PhoneStar Silence Panel is the thinnest available high performance soundproofing material on the market. Similar level of sound insulation performance can only be reached with significantly thicker and more complicated sound insulation constructions. PhoneStar panels are fastened with fiberglass retainers that are in conformity with soundproofing technology. In this form of soundproofing, one layer can be 1.3” that is extremely thin amongst soundproofing methods.

In the event of fiberglass anchoring, the expected airborne sound insulation improvement is 7-8 dB; in case of fastening it to a timber or metal truss, the improvement is 9.10 dB; in case of flexible truss, it can be even 13-30 dB. If the panels are installed on both sides, these rates will increase. As a separate 40-47” thick wall, with proper layering, the sound insulation improvement can even be 58-64 dB.

Soundproofing of ceilings

In case of heavy, rigid ceilings, the impact sound insulation improvement can be around 34 dB, while in case of timber ceilings this rate will be lower due to the smaller rigidness of the construction and the smaller dead load.

Surfaces on the PhoneStar Silence Panel

Surfaces can be applied on the PhoneStar panels both on the wall and on the floor under certain circumstances. Please ask the advice of our professionals.

Surfaces (wainscot, drywall, strip floor) can be screwed on the PhoneStar panels, or surfaces can be laid on the PhoneStar Silence Panels directly (click-parquet, panel parquet). The carrying capacity of the panels is 924.5lb/in2 that is extraordinary compared it to any other soundproofing materials.


PhoneStar Silence Panel can be directly rendered due to its damp-proof feature. However, in case of rendering, fiberglass mesh enhancement will be required on the whole surface. In cases of wallpapering a fiberglass mesh enhancement will be needed on the whole surface that is laid in a thin rendering. Please ask the advice of our professionals.


Special soundproofing applications

PhoneStar Silence Panel has outstanding outdoor efficiency, for example along highways to protect residential areas from noise pollution, on the roof (due to its water-proof feature it can be used directly under the roof tiles). It also can be used in the bathroom in order to eliminate shower noises.

Easy & Fast

A PhoneStar Silence Panel’s cut and installation can be done under 2 minutes! All you need is an utility knife, straight-edge aluminium ruler and our unique Wolf tape to cover the cut edges.